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Maximize the benefits of off-site modular construction by beginning with architects who have modular manufacturing, assembly, and construction in their DNA.

Design Your Modular Project From The Ground Up For Maximum Success

From day one, DesignLOGIQ architects bring the modular big data, experience, and insight to your project that can only come from delivering hundreds of permanent modular projects over the past 40+ years. Manufacturing is in our DNA.


  • Who? Developers, owners, GCs, and CMs will realize game-changing efficiency, unprecedented functionality, stunning aesthetics, and maximum ROI by engaging DesignLOGIQ on their modular projects.

  • When? The earlier you engage DesignLOGIQ on your modular project, the better. It's the smartest way to maximize the schedule and budget advantages of off-site modular construction, while also minimizing site impact. 

  • What? We leverage our modular manufacturing, assembly, and construction expertise to turn your ideas into buildable, modular structures that deliver on your vision. Deliverables include:

    • Modular Revit model 

    • Modular Elevations

    • Modular structural engineering

    • Modular clash/conflict detection

    • Modular specifications

    • Modular costs

    • Modular schedule

    • Modular logistics

      • Build partners

      • Labor/trades

      • Regulatory/inspections

      • Transport plan

    • Roles/responsibilities matrix

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