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Our conceptual design begins with the end in mind: modular manufacturing, assembly, and construction. The result is game-changing efficiency, unprecedented functionality, stunning aesthetics, and maximum ROI.

Conceptual Design: Next Step For Your Project?

DesignLOGIQ conceptual design is rooted in the big data, experience, and insights that can only come from delivering hundreds of permanent modular projects over the past 40+ years. Designers unfamiliar with manufacturing and DMMA+C may underestimate or overestimate the potential of modular construction. But the DesignLOGIQ team has manufacturing in our DNA. We can help you intelligently push the modular envelope to bring your vision to life.


  • Who? We provide modular conceptual design for developers, owners, architects, designers, GCs, and CMs.

  • When? The optimal time to engage DesignLOGIQ is at the planning stage. 

  • What? Our process starts with one or more input sessions with stakeholders. We review budget, site specifics, geography, regulatory regime, build partners, and more. From that we develop deliverables appropriate for the project/scope, including :

    • Modular Floor Plan rough sketches

    • Modular Elevations

    • Modular 3D models

    • Modular specifications

    • Modular ROM costs

    • Modular schedule

    • Modular logistics

      • Build partners

      • Labor/trades

      • Regulatory/inspections

      • Transport plan

    • Roles/responsibilities matrix

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