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Fees typically range from 1% to 3% of modular unit cost. Time required depends on size and location of project, but can be completed in as little as 15 business days.

Is A Feasibility Study Right For Your Project?

DesignLOGIQ feasibility studies integrate the modular big data, experience, and insights that can only come from delivering hundreds of permanent modular projects over the past 40+ years. Manufacturing is in our DNA.


  • Who? Developers, owners, architects, designers, GCs, CMs, and lending institutions can make smarter decisions about feasibility, schedule, risk, budget, and ROI.

  • When? The optimal time for a feasibility study is in the planning stages before concept drawings. However, you can still benefit if conducted before or after property purchase, after concept drawings, before conventional plans are drawn, and even, in certain circumstances, after conventional plans have been drawn up.

  • What? You'll get financial data, including ROM costs, materials, and expected labor and build partner expenses. From a technical standpoint, see how structural, operational, logistical, and regulatory issues impact feasibility. Finally, modular project specific factors will be calculated:

    • Stakeholder/community assessment

    • Impact on ROI from accelerated time to revenue

    • Financial risk mitigation

    • Accelerated capital flows

    • Costs/savings operational disruption

    • Roles/responsibility matrix

    • Build partner identification

    • Design “lock in"

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