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With Modular, It Pays to Begin at the Beginning

Starting your modular project with a Google search  just leads to delays and higher costs. Case in point:


A hospital in the Northeast needed to expand their Emergency Department. They wanted to reduce operational disruption, accelerate the schedule, and avoid budget overruns, so they pursued a modular approach. But their Google searches for modular solutions led to dead ends and cul de sacs. One detour wasted 6 months when the modular company finally withdrew from the project because they couldn’t deliver the Type II building that was required by code.  

If the hospital had started with DesignLOGIQ, they would have saved a lot of time and frustration.  

Our industry-changing, modular design methodology—DMMA+C (“DEE-MAC”)—Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction—revolutionizes the outdated, conventional design process that has limited modular projects for decades.


Unlike the linear approach employed in conventional design, DMMA+C holistically integrates architectural, structural, MEP, code, manufacturing, installation, interior design, site completion, etc. from day one. We draw on the modular big data, experience, and insight that comes from actually delivering hundreds of permanent modular projects over the past 40+ years. Manufacturing is in our DNA.


DesignLOGIQ makes it easy to get started with a flexible suite of design services to match your situation and industry:

Feasibility Studies

Modular construction is viable for virtually any construction project. However, DesignLOGIQ will quantify the logistics, pros & cons, and costs & benefits of utilizing modular construction for your specific project.  

Conceptual Design

Designers unfamiliar with manufacturing may underestimate or overestimate the potential of modular construction. DesignLOGIQ can help you intelligently push the modular envelope to bring your vision to life.

Consulting Architect

If you're an architect or owner looking to convert a conventional design to modular—or if you want your project to be 100% modular—using us as a technical experts in modular design takes a lot of pressure off your design team.

Architect of Record

DesignLOGIQ is licensed in all 50 states, whether via direct licensing or via strategic partners who employ our DMMA+C methodology.

Construction Documents

DesignLOGIQ provides comprehensive, end-to-end services, including issuing stamped construction documents for your modular or hybrid (modular/site-built) project.

Stop Googling. Start with DesignLOGIQ:

  • Higher ROI and maximum modular benefits

  • Stunning aesthetics

  • Unprecedented functionality

  • Game-changing efficiency

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