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Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction

DesignLOGIQ introduces Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction (DMMA+C)—an industry-changing design methodology that revolutionizes the outdated, conventional design process that has limited modular projects for decades.

DMMA+C is the brainchild of the design leaders at MODLOGIQ, manufacturer of hundreds of custom volumetric modular buildings. Our +40-year heritage of delivering successful, award-winning modular projects led us to pioneer this innovation.


Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction
extends the efficiency principles of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly by incorporating the Construction phase of modular projects.

DMMA+C is grounded in a +40-year history of volumetric modular manufacturing and deep experience with the dependencies, complexities, and nuances off-site modular construction.

DMMA+C applies cross-functional integration to multiple disciplines— optimizing every phase of modular projects to maximize the benefits of off-site construction.

DMMA+C is critical to the success of volumetric modular construction. Otherwise, you risk unplanned compromises to your vision, schedule delays, and budget overruns.


Leveraging our fabrication and site construction expertise, we developed DMMA+C—a holistic, systems-based design methodology that integrates all disciplines simultaneously from the very start of a modular project. This synergistic approach optimizes speed and efficiency in the design phase—as well as all other phases.

By beginning with the end in mind (your finished modular building) DMMA+C delivers game-changing efficiency, unprecedented functionality, stunning aesthetics, and maximum ROI. Best of all? No unplanned compromises, no mid-project "gotchas" or surprises, and maximum modular benefits.



  • Feasibility studies. Modular construction is viable for virtually any construction project. However, DesignLOGIQ will quantify the logistics, pros & cons, costs & benefits, and tradeoffs & triumphs of utilizing modular construction for your specific project.

  • Conceptual design. Unlike designers unfamiliar with manufacturing and DMMA+C who may underestimate or overestimate the potential of modular construction, DesignLOGIQ can help you intelligently push the modular envelope to bring your grandest visions to life.

  • Consulting Architect. If you're an architect or owner looking to convert a conventional design to modular—or if you want your project to be 100% modular from day one—engaging with DesignLOGIQ early in the process will ensure the best outcome possible.

  • Architect of Record. DesignLOGIQ is licensed in all 50 states, whether via direct licensing or via strategic partners who employ our DMMA+C methodology.

  • Construction documents. DesignLOGIQ provides comprehensive, end-to-end services, including issuing stamped construction documents for your modular or hybrid (modular/site-built) project.


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