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New Firm DesignLOGIQ Is Revolutionizing Architecture & Design for Modular Industry

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Announcing DesignLOGIQ and Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction (DMMA+C). This pioneering new firm and its revolutionary design methodology address an outdated conventional design process that has limited modular projects for too long. Leveraging a +40-year heritage in modular manufacturing, DesignLOGIQ brings game-changing efficiency, stunning aesthetics, unprecedented functionality, and maximum ROI to volumetric modular projects.

Manufacturing is in our DNA

DMMA+C is the brainchild of leaders at MODLOGIQ, leading manufacturer of award-winning, custom volumetric modular buildings. Our +40-year heritage of manufacturing and delivering successful modular projects led us to found DesignLOGIQ.

“As modular manufacturers, we usually get completed or nearly-completed conventional designs 'thrown over the wall' to us for modular conversion. Our talented team is always able to make it work and deliver solid off-site modular construction benefits: schedule acceleration, budget certainty, least site impact, higher quality, and greater sustainability. But seeing over and over the huge opportunities missed for truly optimizing all aspects of a project for modular manufacturing (vs. traditional site construction), assembly/disassembly, transport, installation, construction and the rest has been incredibly frustrating. That's why we founded DesignLOGIQ. We're fixing an outdated process so that we can deliver 100% of the benefits of off-site modular construction."

DesignLOGIQ: Up to 50% Faster Design Cycle

The DMMA+C process is a holistic, systems-based design methodology that simultaneously integrates all disciplines and aspects of a project from the very start. This synergistic approach optimizes speed and efficiency in the design phase—as well as all other phases. By beginning with the end in mind—your finished modular building—DMMA+C delivers game-changing efficiency, unprecedented functionality, stunning aesthetics, and maximum ROI. Best of all? No unplanned compromises, no mid-project "gotchas" or surprises, and maximum modular benefits.

End-to-End Services: Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction

DesignLOGIQ delivers a comprehensive portfolio of design services through DMMA+C to help architects and owners maximize the benefits they realize from their modular projects.

  • Modular feasibility studies. Modular construction is viable for virtually any construction project. However, DesignLOGIQ will quantify the logistics, pros & cons, costs & benefits, and tradeoffs & triumphs of utilizing modular construction for your specific project.

  • Conceptual design. Unlike designers unfamiliar with manufacturing and DMMA+C who may underestimate or overestimate the potential of modular construction, DesignLOGIQ can help you intelligently push the envelope to bring your grandest visions to life.

  • Consulting Architect. Whether you're an architect or owner looking to convert a conventional design to modular—or you want your project to be 100% modular from the start—engaging with DesignLOGIQ early in the process will ensure the best outcome.

  • Architect of Record. DesignLOGIQ is licensed in all 50 states, whether via direct licensing or via strategic partners who employ our DMMA+C methodology.

  • Construction documents. DesignLOGIQ provides comprehensive, end-to-end services, including issuing stamped construction documents for your modular or hybrid (modular/site-built) project.

About DesignLOGIQ

DesignLOGIQ was founded by modular manufacturing experts who have fabricated and delivered more than 200 permanent modular projects. Manufacturing is in our DNA. Our off-site construction experience, knowledge, and expertise is the engine that drives industry-changing Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction (DMMA+C). DMMA+C provides end-to-end confidence for custom modular projects—from feasibility studies to initial concept to modular design to fabrication to installation to completion to final Certificate of Occupancy. Our modular design expertise and the benefits of DMMA+C extend to all the sectors that can most profit from modular solutions: K-12, education, healthcare, higher ed, hospital/medical center, retail, and student housing, as well as emerging sectors like ghost kitchens, pop-up shops, permanent free-standing offices, and more. Visit

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