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Meet the Minds Behind DesignLOGIQ and DMMA+C (Design for Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction)

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Manufacturing is in our DNA. Jim Gabriel and Nick Jonihakis' decades of experience in the volumetric modular manufacturing world is the engine that drives the smarter design process for custom modular projects they've pioneered: DMMA+C.

Jim Gabriel, CEO of DesignLOGIQ has over 30 years of experience in the off-site construction of permanent modular buildings. The modular timeline for Lead Architect Nick Jonihakis stretches back to the 1990's. Their experience with hundreds of custom, volumetric modular projects led to the founding of DesignLOGIQ and a new, industry-changing design process that delivers stunning aesthetics, unprecedented functionality, and maximum ROI.

Begin with the End in Mind

A design that starts from the very beginning with the intent to manufacture a modular building will always outperform a design originally developed for conventional, stick-built construction and then converted to modular.” - Jim Gabriel

Too often in his long career, Jim has seen architects and owners wait too long to engage with a modular design firm. But beginning with a modular mindset is a key factor for successful projects utilizing Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction. Unlike conventional design approaches that treat architecture, modular conversion, structural, engineering, materials, build partners, etc. in a linear fashion, DMMA+C's holistic, systems-based process optimizes all phases—architectural, modular, structural, MEP, code, fabrication, transport, installation, site completion, etc.—right from the start. The outcome is more successful modular projects with maximum ROI.

Manufacturing is in our DNA.”

What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

“Designers unfamiliar with the latest in modular techniques may underestimate or overestimate its capabilities. The results can span from uninspired, boxy aesthetics to unplanned, expensive compromises late in the process.” - Nick Jonihakis

Nick and his team of architects and designers will make your vision a modular reality, whether you're an architect or an owner. Starting from a long heritage in modular manufacturing—knowing what's feasible, what modular techniques can be used to address specific aesthetic and functional requirements, and what innovations can provide adroit solutions—and combining that with powerful design tools and Building Information Modeling that allow DesignLOGIQ to organize, design, and visualize 3D space virtually, Nick's team can maximize the benefits of modular while fully delivering on your aesthetic vision. Without costly surprises or mid-project "gotchas" that can delay your project and reduce ROI.

About DesignLOGIQ

DesignLOGIQ was founded by modular manufacturing experts who have fabricated and delivered more than 200 permanent modular projects. Manufacturing is in our DNA. That off-site construction experience, knowledge, and expertise is the engine that drives our industry-changing Design for Modular Manufacturing, Assembly + Construction (DMMA+C). DMMA+C provides end-to-end confidence for custom modular projects—from feasibility studies to initial concept to modular design to fabrication to installation to completion to final Certificate of Occupancy. Our modular design expertise and the benefits of DMMA+C extend to all the sectors that can most profit from modular solutions: K-12, education, healthcare, higher ed, hospital/medical center, retail, and student housing, as well as emerging sectors like ghost kitchens, pop-up shops, permanent free-standing offices, and more. Visit

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